QuickPaK Program

Product Description

QuickPaK is an exciting new program that provides our valued customers with the opportunity to jump into the LP® SmartSide® trim stocking business while minimizing the footprint of precious resources like floor space and inventory dollars.

The QuickPaK program is designed with flexibility in mind. Our latest offering allows you to build your own unit of LP® SmartSide® trim that best fits your needs and budget. With all quantities arranged into set "PaKs" buying has never been easier.

How it works:

  • Create a unity of 5/4" OR 4/4" trim. (Thicknesses cannot be mixed in a single unit.)
  • Select PaKs of your desired trim widths. (Combined unit width must be between 38" and 44".)

QuickPaK Example Unit

QuickPaK Example
  • Flexible - Create your own custom units built from a variety of trim widths.
  • Compact - Designed to fix in a 4' x 16' warehouse footprint.
  • Available - PaKs are in stock for immediate shipment from our inventory.
  • Affordable - Ability to stock trim without the need to purchase straight-width full units.
  • Protected - Prefinished PaKs come with our absolute best warranty protection. 15 Year Labor / Lifetime Limited Coating Warranty.

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